atyss villa On the Dakar Atlantic coast, in the north west of the Cape Verde peninsula, three particularly attractive districts follow one another: Les Almadies, Ngor, and Mamelles.The good living environment, the excellent living environment, and the proximity of infrastructure provide these neighborhoods with a unique decor of their kind in the Land of “Téranga”.Atyss […]


africana fest We are on all continents. Not because we needed to be scattered but because we had to be present and to be represented everywhere.It is time now to reunite and to put together our own Pan-African World. Visit Page More Projects


warabaa Warabaa est une famille compose de 5 membres. Le groupe a ete forme en novembre 2012. Il evolue dans le folk, la variete, l’acoustique, le pop et le blues. Visit Website More Projects


unmuted africa How different are the struggles on the continent and in the diaspora? Do those struggles make us different or do they unify us?Unmuted Africa tries to find answers to those questions because the African world lost a huge opportunity for real unity in the sixties. Perhaps we are witnessing another opportunity today. Visit […]


fonio for health I really am about healthy eats for the vegan, the vegetarian, the pescetarian, the carnivore, and those in between.Here, we only talk about superfood and super yummy food.As you might’ve already guessed though, they put a slight emphasis on me because, well, I’m the one you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. […]


les insilents “Les Insilents” est un podcast Pan-Africain qui se présente aussi comme un magazine numérique unique. Nous tenons certaines des réflexions les plus profondes et les plus provocantes sur la condition Africaine. Nous posons les grandes questions et trouvons les réponses les plus fraîches et les plus originales, fournies par de grands penseurs de […]